Day Five in London, England


Ahhhh, the day I’ve been dreading – my final day in London, England. Welp, I definitely spent it well by checking off a few items from my to-do list.


I started the day off by visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral, honestly one of the most beautiful works of art I’ve ever seen. This is a must do if you’re in London – hands down. I’d also highly recommend stomaching the 500+ upward steps to get to the top of the church to walk along the balcony, which is where I was able to capture the pictures you see above. I get into more detail about the church, but you’ll have to see my vlog below to see what I get up to.


But before that? I had some picturesque views of the lovely city atop Sky Pod Garden. You’re guaranteed to get a better view of the city from here since The Shard is in view. And also, there’s a garden up here so that’s a plus – oxygen and like, plant breath – that’s good, right? I recommend booking in advance as it’s a tough one to get reservations here.


This picture is taken from the Sky Pod balcony. A fellow North American I bumped into took this picture. His strategy of getting me to smile? He said, “Oh come on, look like you’re having fun!” It’s safe to say it worked really well.


After the beautiful views from St. Paul’s Cathedral and Sky Pod, I venture into some beautiful sounds by visiting Abbey Road and Abbey Road Studios – the most famous recording studio. There I got to take the notorious shot walking along the crosswalk just outside Abbey Road Studios. Be warned, there are a lot of tourists trying to get the exact same shots – so be patient. Also, word of advice, to get the best shot? Actually, you’ll need to watch the vlog below to hear that piece of advice.


And the night couldn’t have been any more fitting. It finished perfectly with dinner, drinks, and good company along the River Thames. I actually got to step foot on their “beach.”

That about does it. I love London, England. A piece of my heart was left there. Maybe somewhere between the cracks on the sidewalk, but it’s definitely there. And this won’t be the last time I’m going to see it.

Oh hai Big Ben, next time I visit, please have your construction done – I want to see what you actually look like with my own two big brown eyes. I talk a bit more in detail about solo travel and my trip in my YouTube vlog. Please do give it a watch down below.

So what’s next?



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