A Torontonian in Washington pt 3

Day three, and the final day of my Washington D.C. trip, was a short one. With a flight at 4:25pm, and a journey of about 45 minutes to the IAD airport, time was definitely limited. Though it was spent well. I ended up starting the day with breakfast from a cute little breakfast place called Ollie’s Trolley, which is packed full of sweet antiques, such as the coke setup above. Cheap food, cool looks, and good vibes – Ollie’s Trolley is worth a stopover. Oh, and I also got to try Pret a Manger coffee… We don’t have this in … Continue reading A Torontonian in Washington pt 3

A Torontonian in Washington pt 2

The second day in Washington was probably my favourite as it was the most informative and enlightening day. I visited all the big memorials by way of bike… Abraham Lincoln’s memorial is probably the most iconic of the past presidents and the number of people showed it. It’s still really interesting to see the statue up-close after seeing it countless times in movies and TV shows. Biking along the Tidal Basin was indeed a treat. However, I stumbled countless times thinking I’d bike into the water or crash into someone else walking along the path. Check out one of my … Continue reading A Torontonian in Washington pt 2