Switch from a notepad to an iPad?

I’ve been working for six years now, and have used notepads/agendas religiously. Whether it’s taking notes for meetings, jotting down points for objectives, or writing out notes on strategy – 90% of the time it’s been with a physical pen and notepad. I dabbled with a Galaxy Tab S2 as a primary notetaking device but would use the built-in keyboard to take notes (there was no stylus support for that model). I got by, but my notes were very basic. Earlier this year, I picked up a 2018 Apple iPad and the Apple Pencil to replace my notepad indefinitely. What … Continue reading Switch from a notepad to an iPad?

11 Things I learned Traveling Alone in London

A month ago, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and decided to travel to another continent alone. I’ve always wanted to do it, and admittedly made excuses not to make it a priority. Well, the cards I was dealt with changed and I finally decided to go. One of the places on my bucket list was London, England. Maybe it’s the music, the fashion, the movies, or the humour – I don’t quite know, but it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go since high school. So, what did I learn? 1. The time zone difference will mess with you This … Continue reading 11 Things I learned Traveling Alone in London