Day Four in London, England


One of my all time favourite days while abroad was my trip to Stonehenge and Bath. It’s organized by Premium Tours, and I booked it through Expedia. Honestly, it’s well worth the approximately $150 Canadian. The trip lasts all day, so be sure that you’re taking that into account. There’s about four hours of driving and four hours of sightseeing.


Stonehenge is honestly gorgeous. I know, a lot of people make jokes about them just being rocks. But do think about it – many many years ago, without the types of technology we have now, a group of people (or dinosaurs) set up these giant slabs of stone. For what reason? The tour guide mentioned maybe it was a sun dial. I think it was an early version of mahjong. Whatever it is, it’s still pleasant to marvel at this display. As of recently, they set up a barrier around it keeping people from touching the stones, which is a bit of a shame. Though I suppose it’s for the best as people were chipping pieces off of the rocks to take home. Historic preservation for the win yo!


Two hours later, the tour group arrived to Bath. I was really shocked because I didn’t do too much research beforehand about the actual city – I just knew that I’d see the Roman Sacred Springs. So you can imagine my shock and awe when I walked through the city and saw the architecture firsthand. It was like going back in time – being surrounded by statues and buildings that existed thousands of years ago – it’s simply beautiful, pictures cannot do any justice.


Once I got to the Sacred Springs, it was a feeling of calmness and zen (I mean, I had to try and block out all the tourists, but you know). I do wonder though what the Romans would say if they knew people were visiting their sacred space to take pictures to put on a digital scrapbook where people would leave “likes” to show appreciation. I also had a chance to try a replicated version of the water in the sacred springs. Do check out the vlog below to see my reaction to the water.


One of the funny things, however, is that a lot of these gorgeous pieces of architecture are filled with shopping areas. Consumerism at its finest I guess. Whatever, I can’t complain – there’s an All Saints in Bath, Somerset.


I got back to Bankside pretty late. So the day was definitely shot. However, it was well worth it. To check out the whole day in beautiful vlog format, check it out below!

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