You’ll Never Believe this view is just 1-hour away from Toronto!


The great thing about Toronto, well Ontario in general, is that there’s a good mixture of city life and nature life. One of those great spots just one hour away from Toronto is Dundas Peak, located in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area.


Getting there is relatively simple – with Google Maps that is. Keep in mind that once you’re there, you’ll need to take a bus from Christie Lake – so put that destination in your smartphone. You’ll buy a ticket from there then take a neat school bus all the way to Tew’s Falls.

If you just take a second to appreciate your surroundings, that means putting your phone down, you’ll see some serious beauty. And once you find said beauty, bust out your phone to take a picture of it otherwise it never existed =P

To see Dundas Peak in living colour, do check out the vlog below, please subscribe and leave a like – it’ll help out a lot. Do you know of any hiking trails close to Toronto that are worth a look? Let me know below!

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