A Torontonian in Washington pt 3


Day three, and the final day of my Washington D.C. trip, was a short one. With a flight at 4:25pm, and a journey of about 45 minutes to the IAD airport, time was definitely limited. Though it was spent well.


I ended up starting the day with breakfast from a cute little breakfast place called Ollie’s Trolley, which is packed full of sweet antiques, such as the coke setup above. Cheap food, cool looks, and good vibes – Ollie’s Trolley is worth a stopover. Oh, and I also got to try Pret a Manger coffee… We don’t have this in Toronto, let alone Canada, so it was a treat trying a new coffee chain’s best wake-up in a cup.

Then the remainder of the day was spent at Renwick Gallery, a museum located within walking distance from The White House. The exhibition at Renwick Gallery featured Burning Man, an annual outdoor event on the Western side of the USA dedicated to radical self-expression and self-reliance. It was magnificent seeing some of the art installations and really inspired me to look into Burning Man further. Maybe I’ll get a chance to check it out sometime, I do have family in Vegas, so it’s not too far off.

Have you ever lied in the grass close to Washington Monument, under the shade? It’s a treat.

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