Peru Day Six


Machu Picchu’s energy is real, for real.



To get to the top of Machu Picchu, we first started by ascending the mountain-top via bus, which was actually nerve-racking. The roads are narrow with other busses ascending and descending, so it was very unsettling. Once we got to the top, which is the base of Machu Picchu, there were lines and queues galore. However, since we were with G Adventures, I believe we had some kind of priority lineup or something as our wait wasn’t that long.

20170717_102937 20170717_103255


Before venturing into the core of Machu Picchu, we took a tour to the side of the mountain-top and got to see a bridge that was used to transport materials way back when. And if I’m not mistaken, this bridge was also used during their battles (?). Don’t quote me on that but I remember hearing something about it. However, the bridge is now closed off but you can see see it through doorway/window. Also, keep in mind – you will need to sign a waiver and also a check-in/check-out form before venturing down this way as it’s very dangerous as you’re walking down narrow ledges and there are no guard rails.



Once we got back to Machu Picchu, we got to tour and learn all about the culture. That’s all good, but the most insane part of being up there is when our tour guide, Cho Cho, did a little exercise with cocoa leaves and our energies. He mentioned that the energy and vibes in Machu Picchu are really strong, and to exemplify this he chose a few of us to pick up and drop cocoa leaves. The way in which the cocoa leaves dropped would spell out a message. Low and behold, he chose me and after dropping the leaves, he spelt out my mother’s name and articulated that she may be still protecting me even though she doesn’t live in Canada anymore. He took another group, and spelled out their dog’s name, who passed away. Honestly, I don’t want to look into it too much as it just adds to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu. But it definitely gave the group goosebumps.

As awesome as it was, my favourite part of the Peru trip has yet to happen. Check back soon to read about what my favourite excursion was.

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