Peru Day Five


We finally get to Machu Picchu! But not quite yet, or the Machu Picchu you’re thinking of. There’s a town at the bottom of Machu Picchu full of festivities. Our group settled there for the day and we pretty much had the whole day to ourselves.



To get up to this area, we took the Peru Rail, which was full of awesome views.



Here are some of the views from the village. Not sure these pictures are doing it justice, but the sounds and the vibe can really be felt in the video below. Please like and subscribe when you get the chance.




We end the day at one of the better restaurants in Machu Picchu, Indio Feliz. Honestly, all the food we had down there was top notch – absolutely no complaints. It was also cool seeing a Canadian $5 bill on the wall as it made me feel that bit closer to home. Oh context? There’s a wall of currency from all over the world signed by whoever left it there. Pretty sweet.

Machu Picchu is the next day!

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