A Torontonian in Washington pt 1

What do you think about when you think about Washington, D.C.? Forrest Gump? Yeah, me too. So when the opportunity to go to Washington came up, I jumped on it. Museums, art and history, and the White House – so much to do in a span of three days. The trip started with a stroll through Washington’s downtown area, and specifically Chinatown. We found one of the more Instagramable-spots, which is the archway you can see above. After strolling through the National Mall, we came upon one of the more entertaining museums, The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Here’s some … Continue reading A Torontonian in Washington pt 1

What’s Prince Edward County like?

Have you heard of Prince Edward County? It’s a small little town about three hours from Toronto and it’s a hoot! I never really had many thoughts about venturing out there, but after booking an Airbnb in Prince Edward County, I got a little hyped. Before getting into the fine details about the town, I’ll give a quick review of the Airbnb. Andrea’s loft-style Airbnb was oh so cozy. It’s a little cottage-like home sitting next to her residence and on the second floor, just above her ceramic studio. With everything we needed in the kitchen, warm blankets, toiletries, and … Continue reading What’s Prince Edward County like?

Goodbye Mercedes-Benz Canada!

It truly is a bittersweet feeling, but I’m saying farewell to Mercedes-Benz Canada. The brand is so strong, that whenever I mentioned I work for the three-point star, I’m met with swoons and wide-eyed excitement. However, my wide-eyes are set on bigger challenges and more responsibility, which is what I’m getting at my new position at Scotiabank. That’s a post and vlog for another day. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Work friends are an important part of any job. You spend so much time there, more time at work than at home arguably (a huge chunk of hometime is spent sleeping). So … Continue reading Goodbye Mercedes-Benz Canada!

The Suspense is Killing Me

Did you know suspension bridges can’t sustain as much weight as other bridges? About two hours from Toronto, close to the Blue Mountains, is Scenic Caves Suspension Bridge. Scenic Caves is home to Southern Ontario’s longest suspension bridge and ripe for great Instagram moments (come on, I know you’re already thinking of it). To get to the Suspension Bridge, one must use snowshoes – they won’t let you go down the trail without them as it’s apparently too snowy for boots. It was still an interesting experience. We kept developing snowballs in our showshoes, which make it difficult to maneuver … Continue reading The Suspense is Killing Me

Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind Niagara Falls?

Honestly, I’ve never really thought about it. I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life, and by extension, Niagara Falls, and never really considered it. I kind of just took it for granted, relegating it to, “Ohhh, it’s simply a tourist trap.”¬†Low and behold though, it’s pretty interesting. Venturing behind, you learn about the structure, the history, and other unique bits of trivia about the Falls. I’d recommend going in the Summer or Autumn. Although it’s beautiful to see the frozen falls during Winter, some of it is blocked off due to the icey conditions, which kind of dampens the excitement. … Continue reading Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind Niagara Falls?

These Blundstones are made for Wine Tasting

Did you know AirBNB has tours and excursions? Oh that little dude above, that’s Bowie – Sharon and Dani’s dog that joins you on their snowshoeing and wine-tasting tours. I’ve actually never been wine-tasting, let alone snowshoeing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough snow that day to actually snowshoe, so it was wine-tasting and hiking. The way it worked is we met with Dani, Sharon, and Bowie, along with other group mates, in and around Niagara Falls. Sidenote, our group was really cool! We were joined by two American friends that were visiting Toronto for the first time! We walk about five … Continue reading These Blundstones are made for Wine Tasting

The Autoshow is Freaky Inside

One of the perks of working for an automobile company is you get free auto-related stuff, like tickets to the International Canadian Autoshow. For some reason what I thought it would be like is like Import Fest – loud music, lazers, lot of swag and shenanigans. But it was actually like just going to a bunch of car dealerships, except you aren’t able to actually buy the cars. With the exception of the Mercedes-Benz Canada booth, all other brands were kind of underwhelming. At least now I know what an Autoshow is like though! Check out the vlog below to … Continue reading The Autoshow is Freaky Inside