7 More Top Songs Helping Me Survive the Pandemic

Airpods Gang Gang Gang

I really love music. You probably really love it too! But I’ve had a few occasions where friends and partners refer to me as “the music guy.” And on other occasions, friends have recommended music to me and would get bummed out if it didn’t meet my needs. It really do be like that sometimes.

I’m exploring and listening to new music so much that when I’m at home, the only time music isn’t playing is if I’m sleeping or watching YouTube. When I’m out, the only time music isn’t playing is when I’m not in my car or I don’t have my Airpods.

Enough about me – you’re here because you want to hear some new music that will hopefully help you survive this pandemic – music definitely is a savior right now.

7. Disclosure – Birthday (Ft. Kehlani)

Them London boys are back with a new long-playing record. Disclosure’s third release, “Energy,” isn’t really my favorite album (Pitchfork tends to agree), that label still goes to “Settle.” And honestly, no song has captured my heart as hard as “Latch” did. But here comes “Birthday,” with lines like:

Can I call you on your birthday?

Just to make sure that you’re okay

Would you prefer it if I’d go ghost?


… Paired with Disclosure’s infectious brand of house/pop music, how can you not like this song? It’s the soundtrack for many a birthday of mine, that’s for damn sure.

6. Phoenix – Identical, music from the motion Picture “On the Rocks”

#WCW Rashida Jones. Wes Anderson regular, Bill Murray. New music from one of my most favorite bands of all time, Phoenix. Is this real life?

You know when you forget something for so long, then you’re reminded of it by something that comes up? That’s what happened with “Identical.” Having it pop up on my “Your Release Radar” on Spotify caused me to go on a week-long binge of listening to my favorite Phoenix songs. Add “Identical” to that list. The way it creeps up in the trailer for “On the Rocks” is so good – it quite literally gave my chills… Or maybe that was my oscillating fan on level 3.

5. William Singe – Don’t Start Now

William Singe has a sick voice. Buttery smooth. So smooth that he can absolutely elevate already perfect songs. Take for example Dua Lipa’s club-friendly “Don’t Start Now.” Singe churns it into something almost unrecognizable from the original while still maintaining some of the song’s high points. It’s so good. Though I wish Singe had some good original songs as he’s kind of made a career off of covers.

4. Shlohmo – Nice & Shiny

Fellow LA-native Shlohmo is back! If you wanted an artist to exemplify words like “vibe” and “big mood,” Shlohmo is that guy. His latest EP, “Heaven Inc.” sees his return with deep, soulful sounds that pair perfectly with a night drive along Pacific Coast Highway. Not just that, the album artwork is complete fire and looks like something I’d want to get tattooed next.

3. New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream

Whoa, we’ve got a throwback here! New Young Pony Club (NYPC) has been very quiet since their last release in 2013, “NYPC.” And although that release was pretty mediocre, “Things Like You” still resonates with me.

So, why am I listening to NYPC in 2020? “Ice Cream” was actually re-released in 2019, and as it is one of my favorite songs of all time, this got me hella excited! After a little bit of Googling, the band is still very active and there’s plans for new music – from what I recall reading… But maybe I was dreaming. Ahh well, fingers crossed.

I’m into something I can feel

I’m into things like you

It’s been a long time


2. Logic1000 – Perfume

Get in. Get all the way in.

When Caribou dropped this in his BBC Essential Mix, I couldn’t hear anything else. This number even sent the Electronic music world into a frenzy, asking what song this even was. It slaps. It slaps hard.

The recent resurgence of 90s/2000s R&B into dance music is very much a thing, and leaders like Logic1000 know how to strum those strings. With absolute bangers like “DJ Logic Please Forgive Me,” “Derriere,” and now “Perfume,” Australia’s Logic1000 is someone to keep an eye on – she’s also a really lovely person.

For reference, #WCW Logic1000 samples Avant’s “Separated.” Also also, this is probably going to make my top 5 songs for 2020.

1. Bryson Tiller – Inhale

I was in the kitchen, overlooking my pot as the water boiled, planning to make a sweet pot of spaghetti. Picking up my phone to look at my email notification about new music from Spotify, the letters “B” “R” “Y” “S” registered in my brain and I knew it was knew Tiller music.

Turning my pot off, turning on my Google Home speakers to 80% volume, cracking open some Whiteclaw, and I was vibing.

I’ve been waiting for ages for a new Bryson Tiller LP, with “Don’t” still playing for me religiously. His last LP didn’t hit the mark for me as much as I’d like – so I’m hoping his next LP comes through.

“Inhale” is a perfect blend of 90s R&B, sampling SWV, and combining it with his brand of trap – it’s just a great mix, albeit sounding more like an interlude to other songs than a full-fledged single. Anyways, “Inhale” is on the heaviest of repeats right now. And tbh, this song is helping save 2020 for me in spades.

Baby girl, I miss when you adored me

When you left me, honey, that shit tore me

Bryson Tiller

There you have it, 7 top songs that are helping me survive this pandemic. If you liked em, do me a favor and hit me with a follow on Spotify. While you’re there, do me a solid and follow some of my public playlists.

What songs are helping you survive this pandemic? Share them with me below!

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