Top 10 Songs Helping Me Survive the Pandemic

Music, the one constant in my life that I know I can depend on when things get tough.

Everyone has their own hobbies that help them get through difficult times. Reading, writing, exercising, cooking, knitting, dancing – whatever it is, everyone has it. As the world continues to evolve during the pandemic, I’ve been turning to music more and more to help make sense of everything happening around me. Not sure if it’s because of a heightened emotional state these days that the following 10 songs resonate more with me, or they’re just that damn good, but these are the songs helping me survive quarantine.

10. Skin on Skin – I Understand BS Fluently But I Can’t Speak It

Australia’s Skin on Skin is an up and coming techno artist that drops some of the dirtiest techno I’ve heard in a hot minute. I Understand BS Fluently But I Can’t Speak It slaps with bass, and is full of heart-pounding goodness. He runs in the same circle as the next artist, which are both on my radar for musicians I want to go to Australia to see.

9. Mall Grab – Sunflower

From house to techno, Mall Grab has evolved into an artist of top quality, as everything he drops is a classic in the making. The melodic journey of Sunflower is a perfect example of this. The progression is spot on, my dudes.

8. Breakbot & Irfane – The Only Reason

If there’s something the world needs more of, it’s disco. I’ve followed Breakbot for the longest minute, and when he signed with Ed Banger Records, I knew this guy would be a top player. The Only Reason is a perfect example, after a long hiatus, this new song drops and it’s like he hasn’t missed a beat. Breakbot’s brand of disco is keeping it all together for me and I hope to continue those vibes when his next album drops.

7. Jamie xx – Idontknow

Jamie xx is one of those talents that stands above the rest – in a world of his own. Everything this guy touches produces gold, and everything he produces sounds like gold. Idontknow is no exception. Anything xx-related that’s new would’ve made me happy, but knowing a new Jamie xx album is on the horizon makes everything feel right.

6. Caribou – Ravi

Canadian native (there’s a lot of Canadians on this list actually) Caribou brings some fire with Ravi. Although his newest album, Suddenly, didn’t resonate with me on a whole, both Ravi and Never Come Back do. The frantic energy in these tracks is a welcome change from Caribou and I can’t wait to hear more of his latest tracks getting the remix treatment. Shoutout to Dundas, Ontario!

5. Louis La Roche – All I Had

During the pandemic, I’ve fallen back in love with French house. Louis La Roche’s All I Had is along the same lines, in my opinion, of Modjo’s Lady and that is a huge compliment as Lady is still an untouchable classic. But if there’s one song from the loads of French house I’ve been listening to lately to capture my vibe with French house, it’s All I Had.

4. Partynextdoor – Believe It

I’m not sure if it’s Rihanna’s vocals in the chorus or PND’s vulnerable side showing, but Believe It’s brand of R&B is buttery smooth. Shoutout to Brampton, Ontario!

3. Kehlani – Toxic

LA-native Kehlani dropped It Was Good Until It Wasn’t recently and almost every number on it is an R&B banger. The way Water gets me excited and the way Tory Lanez flows on Can I is such a big mood, but I opted to go with Toxic as there’s something deep about Ty Dolla Sign’s vocals as an instrumental. And who here doesn’t deal with toxic people? We all do!

2. Drake – Not You Too

Shoutout to Forest Hills! Drake seemingly came out of nowhere with Dark Lane Demo Tapes, which honestly sounds like a mix of all of his old songs. There are some notable numbers on here, but they still do sound like stuff he’s released before. But, the one song that resonates most with me is Not You Too, as it’s the brand of heartbreak Drake that brought me to listen to him in the first place. It just sucks that Chris Brown is featured.

1. DVSN – Friends feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Goosebumps. I get these goosebumps every time I put on DVSN’s A Muse In Her Feelings. If there’s one album that’s on the heaviest of repeats right now, it’s DVSN’s. There an heir of maturity and sophistication oozing through this album and it was painstakingly difficult choosing one song to highlight, but it’s got to be Friends. And although my favorite line from the song belongs to PND, it’s still my number one during COVID-19. Shoutout to Toronto, Ontario!

You may have many others, but I know when you’re with me I’m all that you see.

There you have it, the 10 songs holding me down during the pandemic. There’s a huge, huge Canadian focus here, and I didn’t even mention JB, but his album came out earlier in the year and I’m not listening to it as often.

What songs are helping you survive right now? I’d love to hear some new music!

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