The Real Reason I’m Podcasting

Australian wildfires, COVID-19, growing racial tension, and now LA’s 2020 riots. This year, so far, has been quite the rollercoaster. Seeing all of these events happening during this epoch, it has been compounded and is hitting me harder being in a new, foreign city… Country.

When my very close friend, Botcho (it’s a nickname, like Drake or Madonna) and I were discussing how things have been unravelling at the seam for 2020, we had an aha moment where she asked, “Why isn’t there more art being shared?”

It resonated with me because I like to consider myself a creative sort, and she does too. And knowing her for more than 10 years, we always discussed how we’d collaborate together on creating content. Some of the stuff I make and upload to insta, she has a hand in inspiring me to post those as a lot of the time I choose to tap into my conservative, career self, and quiet my creative, liberal self.

We finally said, “Fuck it, let’s start creating art.”

We realized just how many platforms and media we have at our fingertips to bring content and art to people. We both agreed and realized that we’d been giving into the tired excuse of, “I’m so tired from work. Let’s art next week… Next month… Next year?” We never made a firm commitment to creating content.

When Botcho and I converse, we have deep and engaging conversations (at least, we like to think so!). Since she’s in Winnipeg and I’m in LA, it’s hard to coordinate making content based on conflicting schedules and timezones. That’s why we decided to simply flip our two hour long conversations, whenever we do have them, into podcasts and the birth of The Bryson Tillery Distillery happened.

Why “The Bryson Tillery Distillery?” On one of our video calls, Botcho said, “I hope I’m really sad when Bryson Tiller drops his next album.” A few drinks later, both of us all up in our feels, we realized that we were in fact visiting the #BrysonTilleryDistillery – a general vibe or mood that one gets after drinking loads and listening to R&B. We there.

If our podcast even resonates with ten people, it’s still better than resonating with zero people.

Everyone is confused. We have no idea what’s happening in the world right now. If there’s one outlet that I hope to tap into more, it will be my creative side. Even if that means talking to one of my closest friends about The Last Dance, pogs, Brittany Murphy and music, if it can enlighten even one person, I’ll have done something during this time that gives back something of value to society.

If you dig, let us know. We’re starting something new, so there will be hiccups. I even got a dope usb-microphone because I’m excited to create PT Three, so stay tuned to here and my YouTube channel to hear the next part.

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