Pandemic Love From LA

It’s day (insert joke about not knowing what day number we’re on) and my idea of a life in LA has been changed, shattered, my life got flipped turned upside down. Don’t get me wrong, I know the whole world is pretty much going through this. In my perspective, moving country, living that expat life, with such grandiose hopes for LA living, leaving the life I knew behind to pursue a city with beautiful beaches, a live music scene, wonderful food, and the chillest people in the world – it’s all on hold.

I figured I’d write up a little update on how things have progressed, how I’m surviving, and generally just writing to hopefully look back at these words this same time in 2021 and have a big ole’ laugh. By that time there’s going to be a vaccine, the world will be healing, and LA will no longer have a smog problem.

Living alone, the main connection I have with others is video calls. But like many others, the fatigue is really starting to hit hard. Sure, I’ve been able to connect in person with other people over the past few months, but there are certain limitations to that. Being an ambivert, I lean towards introversion and extroversion. These days, I’m leaning way too close towards introversion and it’s starting to weigh on me. I’m the sort that gets energy off of other people, and doing it virtually is just not the same. Being as overly-analytical as I am, the things that I hate about video calls are:

  • The little lag after you say something, waiting for the other person to reply
  • The awkward silences
  • The people multitasking and not really focusing on what you’re saying
  • The fact that I tend to judge people’s set up versus actually listening to what they’re saying (this is a me problem)
  • The fact that you’re kind of talking to yourself since you can see your video playing back
  • The lack of eye contact

This is the future, for at least until the end of August, so I’m learning to try to accept it as a reality. One on one video calls, that’s my preference. If a group call comes up, I tend to really need to think over whether or not I’d like participate. On the flip side though, my cousins like to randomly video call me and once I was wearing a nose strip, and told them to stop making me laugh as it would ruin the strip. Another time, they dared me to run to the beach to see the bioluminescent waves.

On the plus side, I’ve had the chance to go to the beach… Well, illegally. Living a block away, it was pretty obvious that I’d go to the beach to see this once in a lifetime nature phenomena. Now I’m no scientist, but I believe a reaction with chemicals in the water and moon levels causes waves to light up. I could be making it up, but whatever, it was gorgeous.

On one random video call, my cousins wanted to live vicariously through me so I walked them to the beach at night where there were about 75 other people on the beach – doing the exact thing that I was doing. The waves were lovely, well worth risking the $1000 fine for defying LA county’s orders of no trespassing. What ultimately happened is a police vehicle started driving along the beach and everyone scattered like ants. It was such a big mood.


Another thing that’s been quite interesting is the lack of traffic in LA. In a county with 17,000,000 people, the smog out here is a real thing. Now that most of us are stuck at home, the streets are way less packed and getting to places is a lot easier. I had the chance to drive through Bel-air and Sunset Blvd and for a good 30 minutes, I almost forgot that there was pandemic going on. The palm trees, the sun, the gorgeous views – it was super nice.

Our skies have cleared up so much you could see a view of the mountains behind DTLA
The one constant

What hasn’t changed since the pandemic is my love for music. The only difference is that I’ve transitioned from all-day-Air-Pods use to all-day-Google-Home use. So much that I’ve actually received noise complaints – that my music plays consistently from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, which is pretty much when I’m working. Even though I was really annoyed about that, I’ve tried to keep it down at all times now. My music is really loud or they’re just not Drake or Justice fans.

Toronto has really come through with music during this time, and it warms my heart to know that Six sounds are comforting millions of people right now. DVSN, Partynextdoor, The Weeknd, and Drake have been making waves. Other music giving me life right now is Kehlani, Mall Grab, Partiboi69, Rhye, and Myd.

Honestly, if there’s one thing I remember about this epoch, it’s going to be the music that acted as a soundtrack. And my Switch, definitely my Switch.

I’m hella grateful I at least got to experience Crssd. I’d be in much worse ways if it weren’t for Crssd.

Thanks for letting me vent. I promise I’ll write something more enlightening next time.

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