Walking on Whitestone Lake


This one is a little different and I almost feel like it’s advice I should be giving my kids – when I eventually have kids.

So we’re planning this trip to Dunchurch, Ontario, at at AirBNB overlooking Whitestone Lake. The weather forecast calls for snow and frigid temperatures. The confident me thinks it’s not going to be an issue, that all the highways up there would be snowplowed. I couldn’t be any more wrong.

I had anticipated crazy snow driving conditions. As a safety precaution, I focused on getting car accessories that would get me out of a rut. On Amazon, I ordered a snow-traction device, in case my tires got stuck in the snow, a mini snow shovel, and jumper cables, in case my battery died. I thought I’d be set and ready to tackle the 3-hour journey.

Off we go from Toronto to Dunchurch. An hour into the drive, I notice my windshield getting really dirty from the salt and ice. Hit my washer-fluid control and… Frozen. My washer fluid was frozen. I then realize I must have put summer washer fluid into my car recently and ignored the whole “can withstand -30 celsius!” marketing on the packaging.

Feeling petrified and nervous about the snowy conditions ahead, we had to improvise. Every once in a while we’d stop to splash water on the windshield to clean it off. And luckily it was a straight drive for almost 1.5 hours and we were following other cars that were all moving slowly.

Why am I telling you all of this? One, to hype you up to actually watch the vlog below, which was the result of successfully making it to Dunchurch.

But two, and most importantly, I realize that sometimes in life we focus so much on one thing that we lose sight of other things. I was so concerned about getting stuck in the snow that I failed to realize that I needed to also look into other things to ensure a safe trip. I suppose in life then, we tend to focus so much on one thing that we neglect other things. What am I trying to say? You can TRY and focus on everything and get it right, yes, or you can also go with the flow and trust that everything will work out. It really depends on how you want to look ahead.

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