Day Two in London, England


Day two and still feeling sleep deprived, I tried to muster the right type of energy to get the day started.


One of the most interesting thing about adventuring into a new place is trying establishments that aren’t big chains, and that you’ll likely never going to encounter again. This place was The Pigeon Hole in Peckham. I had the chance to try baked eggs, and the Americano coffee was just bliss. Peckham is also a really cute, charming area away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core.


I venture back into the core to get ready to visit one of the cooler things I had the chance of doing – Churchill War Rooms. This is your war boi Winston Churchill’s actual underground bunker during World War II.


My biggest piece of advice? Make sure you buy tickets in advance. If you do, you’ll end up in a shorter queue. If you choose to buy them the day of, chances are they’ll be sold out and even if you do get your sticky fingers on tickets, you’ll be waiting in a longer queue.


The exhibit itself was really quite interesting. To see how everything would have been situated and also to see some of the actual maps and living conditions they had to go through under there is truly fascinating. Another piece of advice? Don’t skimp out on the audio tour. For some reason I couldn’t be bothered to hold this device up to my ear for 1.5 hours and I regret it now since I didn’t have the complete context of each of the rooms.


After Churchill War Rooms, I walked over to Buckingham Palace. I didn’t want to get too up close to the crowds as they were pretty wild. I found a seat on the garden and chilled out for a good 30 minutes or so. If you’re interested in the changing of the guards, I believe it only happens on Mondays and Wednesday, maybe one weekend – but they’re definitely not everyday.



I walked through The Mall (gorgeous too, everything is gorgeous!) to get to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. If you think Buckingham Palace is nuts, wait till you get to Trafalgar Square – it’s bananas. I tried to get into the National Gallery, but little did I know it was closing within five minutes from my getting there, so that’s something I’ll need to do when I return. But within this area, you’ll find lots to do – from people watching, to vehicle watching, to all the street performances.


After chilling in that area for about an hour or two, I got to exploring again and found really cool places to take pictures. I believe the picture above was taken at Lower Marsh Market, which is a great place for shopping and local eats. One of my favourite things is the feeling of getting lost and just finding the most random places and things, to which there was no shortage of on my trip through Lower Marsh Market.


Back to the programs available at CitizenM London Bankside. Not entirely sure if this is the way their programming is set up, but they had just a handful of British channels, most of which played BBC content or 8 out of 10 Cats. These programs were fine but when they got into heavy British-references I was kind of lost. Then the other channels, here is where the mishap maybe started, were all German channels! There was even an episode of Little Britain dubbed with German voiceover. Maybe they thought I was German?

Check out day two in living colour in the vlog below.

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