Should you get the Pixel 1 in 2018?

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 9.04.55 p.m.

I’ll admit, I was actually sleeping on posting about my recent purchase of the Google Pixel – perhaps a combination of no motivation or feeling like it wasn’t that exciting, but that mentality recently shifted.

Calmly going through my YouTube channel, I noticed that it’s quickly jumped up to 106 views… That’s 106 different people! Starting out early with my YouTube endeavours, it’s definitely important to celebrate the small victories. Currently it does have one thumbs down, so maybe I’ll need to work on improving that format but it does have two thumbs up *yaaaaas.* Sorry for rambling, but if you’re actually interested in picking up the Pixel after almost two years, well I have to say there are very many reasons to do absolutely just that. Do check out the vlog/review below and please subscribe to the channel if you like my content.

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