A Torontonian in Washington pt 2


The second day in Washington was probably my favourite as it was the most informative and enlightening day. I visited all the big memorials by way of bike…



Abraham Lincoln’s memorial is probably the most iconic of the past presidents and the number of people showed it. It’s still really interesting to see the statue up-close after seeing it countless times in movies and TV shows.

Biking along the Tidal Basin was indeed a treat. However, I stumbled countless times thinking I’d bike into the water or crash into someone else walking along the path. Check out one of my major biking stumbles in the vlog below. One of the better memorials is probably Thomas Jefferson’s as it has a gorgeous backdrop, the Tidal Basin, and it’s also not as packed as the other previously visited major tourist locations.

Once I got to the museums, like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art and History, I was noticeably tired. There’s only so much information the human mind can process in a day, but I’m glad I got to learn more about the history of the Jewish people and also learn more about how the world responded to Hitler’s rising power. Really makes you think had the world responded sooner, would we be living in a different world today? Check out the vlog below and let me know what you think.

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