A Torontonian in Washington pt 1


What do you think about when you think about Washington, D.C.? Forrest Gump? Yeah, me too. So when the opportunity to go to Washington came up, I jumped on it. Museums, art and history, and the White House – so much to do in a span of three days.


The trip started with a stroll through Washington’s downtown area, and specifically Chinatown. We found one of the more Instagramable-spots, which is the archway you can see above.


After strolling through the National Mall, we came upon one of the more entertaining museums, The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Here’s some advice, look at the plane exhibitions first before the space, as the other way around will make the plane content kind of meh. See more action of the museum down below in the vlog.



Ready for more Instagram spots? The National Gallery of Art surely didn’t disappoint.


Here’s a prime Forrest Gump spot, where Jenny and Forrest reunite. Such a good scene.


After that, we ventured to the Albert Einstein Memorial and honestly, if I could ask Einstein one thing… Well that would be tough. But I think I would ask him to help me get more subs on Youtube. So be sure to like, subscribe, comment and share to my Youtube channel – if not for me, then for Einstein.

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