What’s Prince Edward County like?


Have you heard of Prince Edward County? It’s a small little town about three hours from Toronto and it’s a hoot!


I never really had many thoughts about venturing out there, but after booking an Airbnb in Prince Edward County, I got a little hyped. Before getting into the fine details about the town, I’ll give a quick review of the Airbnb.




Andrea’s loft-style Airbnb was oh so cozy. It’s a little cottage-like home sitting next to her residence and on the second floor, just above her ceramic studio. With everything we needed in the kitchen, warm blankets, toiletries, and even a delicious breakfast the next morning, there couldn’t be anything more relaxing. Well…


Maybe except for the party of ladybugs that infested the windows and light sources. It would have been nice to have a little warning about them, but they were a tad bit annoying. Apart from that, however, Andrea is an excellent host and if you’re looking for a unique experience, do check out her Prince Edward County home.


I won’t go into too much detail about Prince Edward County, as you can see it in more vibrant colours in my vlog below, but the town is really cute. Antiquing is a huge thing since they have like five shops very close to each other. They also take a lot of pride in their Sandbanks Provincial Park, which is a marvel. Visiting in April is still very chill, with not too many people around. However, I can only imagine it being lively during the summer months. Do check it out, and check out my vlog below – please leave a like and subscribe to my channel to see more content. Thanks!

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