What would you do with a Red Mercedes?


I’m into cars. Circa 2017, cars that mattered to me are as follows: Mazda 3, Dodge Challenger, Acura TL and Ford Mustang. But February 2018, that changed for me – hard.


Since I work for Mercedes-Benz Canada, we do have certain perks – like borrowing the company car. The particular model our team got to use was the E400. Prior to taking this car out for a spin, I’ve been at the company for about five months. In order to actually get a company car of your own, it takes about six months. So before this, I haven’t driven a Benz just yet.

People often tell you, once you get in and drive, you’ll know. They couldn’t be any more right. The vibes and feels of sitting in a vehicle of this caliber is second-to-none and I’m totally bought in. My next car will definitely be a Benz, but particularly the A-Class, which is coming to Canada in the fall of 2018. I love my hatchbacks.


Check out the vlog below where I show Geoffrey the total awesomeness of the E400 – hugging seatbelts, obnoxious yet lovely light trims, and the seat massagers. Are you a Mercedes-Benz fan? I know I am.

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