Toronto Light Festival


What’s interesting about the lovely city of Toronto is the annual events we have. Some good, some bad, and some in the middle. I think the Toronto Light Festival, which is held at the Distillery District, falls somewhere in the middle.



The light fixtures that were actually on were good, but about 50% of the light fixtures you see on Instagram weren’t even on – especially the giant dragon (it’s referenced in the vlog below). Maybe it was because we went on Sunday or maybe they were simply trying to save on hydro – but expectations didn’t meet reality that day… DAMN YOU SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CREATING UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS!


There were definitely a few high points, like this pyramid made out of gummy bears! Delicious art. Maybe your mileage will vary, but we went on a Sunday and it was com si com sa. Check it out fully in the vlog below, and please like and subscribe.

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