These Blundstones are made for Wine Tasting


Did you know AirBNB has tours and excursions? Oh that little dude above, that’s Bowie – Sharon and Dani’s dog that joins you on their snowshoeing and wine-tasting tours.


I’ve actually never been wine-tasting, let alone snowshoeing. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough snow that day to actually snowshoe, so it was wine-tasting and hiking. The way it worked is we met with Dani, Sharon, and Bowie, along with other group mates, in and around Niagara Falls. Sidenote, our group was really cool! We were joined by two American friends that were visiting Toronto for the first time!



We walk about five kilometres to about four wineries, all of which have different events going on or different food and wine to taste. You’re also able to buy exclusive wine from each winery, not the run of the mill stuff you can buy at the LCBO. Also, the hiking trails and views are gorgeous. You can see more of them below in the vlog.

Honestly, what really makes the tour fun was the group and the awesome hosts, Sharon and Dani. Do check out their Facebook page to see what they’re up to and of course so you can see pictures of Bowie.

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