Goodbye Mercedes-Benz Canada!


It truly is a bittersweet feeling, but I’m saying farewell to Mercedes-Benz Canada. The brand is so strong, that whenever I mentioned I work for the three-point star, I’m met with swoons and wide-eyed excitement. However, my wide-eyes are set on bigger challenges and more responsibility, which is what I’m getting at my new position at Scotiabank. That’s a post and vlog for another day.


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Work friends are an important part of any job. You spend so much time there, more time at work than at home arguably (a huge chunk of hometime is spent sleeping). So when you find people you get along with, and also work really well with, well it’s definitely hard to duplicate. Recognize the real ones and good ones around you.

Check out the video below as I vlog the final two weeks of my time at Mercedes-Benz Canada, and as I come to terms with saying bye to some really awesome people. =(

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