Peru Day Eight


That’s it, my life is complete. I’ve taken a picture with a baby goat wearing a headband and scarf in Peru while wearing my favourite jacket. Life is good.




Our journey in Peru begins to wind down. To enjoy our final day, Michelle and I go shopping in the Cusco village where we meet an awesome dog and where Michelle stocks up on some knick knacks to bring back to Toronto. Pictured above is all the dolls Michelle brought back to Toronto.




What a proper send off day eight was. We spent some time walking through what looked like Lima’s Queen Street West. Specifically, the Bridge of Sighs in Lima. It’s definitely a romantic venue for all the lovers as every couple we saw was holding hands. But it totally made sense as it was a very dreamy area. We then make our way to Larcomar, a beautiful outdoor mall that’s adjacent to the waterfront. I actually didn’t buy anything except for memories. But it was still fun to walk through.

That’s that, Peru is a wrap. It was definitely a wild experience that I’d like to live through again one day. Have you been to Peru? Let me know what your worst and favourite parts are! Check out the vlog below and please leave a like and subscribe.

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