A Daft Punk Haul


Daft Punk is my absolute favourite band of all time. They got me into house music. They got me into robots. And they also got me into tattoos that say “homework.”  So it utterly blows my mind that I’ve waited almost 20 years to get something Daft Punk-swag related. (Sidenote, I saw them perform in 2007 and didn’t get a shirt that day. One of my biggest regrets)

I ordered a sweater, or a jumper, and some Christmas ornaments. I actually hang one half of Daft Punk on my car’s rearview mirror, and gave the other half to my close, close friend. Daft Punk’s swag presentation is no joke, with every touchpoint aiming to impress. Or maybe I was just giddy because of my love for the French House duo.



The sweater is a normal item, but the Christmas ornaments are actually rare and did cost me an arm and a leg. But knowing that I’m one of the few in this world to have one brings joy to me at night, it really does. Check out the haul vlog below and please leave a like and subscribe.

Are you a Daft Punk fan? What’s your favourite song?

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