Peru Day Two


Altitude sickness is a real thing. Day two in Peru, my friend Michelle and I began to experience headaches and a bit of nausea. But that didn’t stop us from visiting some of our hotel’s nearby sites.


Our first stop is Huaca Pacllana, a great adobe and clay pyramid. Serving as a ceremonial ground, I’m pretty sure I felt some ghastly spirits in the air asking me where I got my funky shirt from.


Our second stop is the Catacombs, Ministry of San Francisco. The coolest thing about the Catacombs is that underneath the church is an old burial ground and there were bones scattered everywhere! It was neat but also terrifying AF. You can sort of see what I’m talking about in the video below but pictures were forbidden.


One of the more eerie things is that when we exited the Catacombs, a group of students approached Michelle and asked to take a picture with her. Honestly not sure – maybe they’re not used to seeing Asians? I have no idea…


Next? The Main Square of Lima. Holy moly, the architecture there is insanity! Symmetry is so beautiful, haha.


As the day began to wind down, we had very limited time left to use at the Museo de arte de Lima. If I recall correctly, Michelle and I actually just wanted to go so we can take pictures with the checkerboard floor – and we paid $20 for it!

We end the day at the Indian Market to buy some knick knacks, which you can check out below.

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