Peru Day Three


Day three, oh day three. Day three was an interesting day. Remember how I mentioned that my friend Michelle planned everything and all I needed to do was give her money? Well there was ONE thing I needed to do, and I didn’t do it. This ran the risk of ruining our whole vacation. But more on that later.


We flew from Lima to Cusco, which had a significant elevation in altitude – and we definitely felt it. Dizziness, fatigue, tiredness, nausea, all at once. Once we arrived in Cusco, we headed upstairs to recharge and try and just relax before venturing out.

Remember how I said all I needed to do was one thing? Well the one thing was confirming 24 hours before the day trip to Oricancha, Puca Pucara, Qenko, Tambomachay. Our tour guide was supposed to pick us up at 9am, but because I didn’t call and confirm anything, as in tell our tour guide we wouldn’t be arriving until 1pm, we totally missed out on the tour – no refunds. Teary eyed Michelle and utterly embarrassed and bummed out Julius, the situation just got worse. Michelle, obviously furious, articulated that all I had to do was this one thing and I couldn’t even do it. After talking to some of our Toronto contacts, we got the idea of hiring a car all day to drive us to those sites and yes, we succeeded. We hired a car for about $40 Canadian and he drove us around for about 3 hours. Check it out below.


The sites atop Cusco are utterly breathtaking.



The real reason I wanted to go to Peru? Llamas and alpacas.


After our sightseeing tour, we checked out the main square in Cusco and it’s literally like a dream. The shine of the lights off the concrete and the silhouette of the mountains in the background is just an awesome juxtaposition – pictures cannot do it justice.


Walking around gets tiring of course, and with little knowledge of what was good to eat, we decided to check out how Peru does fast food. Enter Bembos. Tl;dr – it was decent. Wouldn’t eat there again though.


As the day comes to an end, we realize that we’ll need food and snacks for tomorrow’s adventure. We also really wanted to know what a Peru grocery store looked like.

Check out the video below to see the day’s activities in action.

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