What’s Juliusxx?


That’s an awesome question!

Juliusxx is my written gateway to everything technology, music, video games, and travelling. I hope to connect with readers and viewers through my astute observations and hopefully inspire you to act in a positive way.

About me? I’m a communications professional who has recently discovered a love for vlogging. I used to blog long time ago, around 2008-2011, when music blogging was big. Times have changed substantially and I’ve moved far, far away from blogging. In 2017 I finally got myself into vlogging, and I instantly fell in love with a new passion. Showing viewers a unique perspective only I can provide fuels me and I hope to do great things with vlogging and this website, Juliusxx.

I’ll post regularly with Youtube video uploads, but as I have a backlog of about 30 videos and having to do write-ups for each one, it’ll probably take me about a month to get up-to-date.

I’m excited to show you something new. Follow me maybe? Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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